-shin- Onsai Will Be Held (Finished)

A music festival will be held on 10/5 (Sat) as the core event of "Shinjuku Field Museum"
This music event is held for its second time in which the entire Shinjuku Culture Center will be the symbolic venue for the event under the concept of " Shinjuku, the City that combine “cultural diversity” and “cutting edge culture”, as the City has been cultivating various cultures such as avant-garde and the advanced music arts.

What Is Shinjuku Field Museum

"Shinjuku Field Museum" is one of the cultural projects of Shinjuku City that creates and transmits the attractiveness of arts and culture of Shinjuku.
Companies, foundations, and cultural and arts groups have organized the "Shinjuku Field Museum" Council to provide information about cultural and arts events that take place in this City area.

Shinjuku Field Museum 2019 Will Open!

"Shinjuku Field Museum" for fiscal year 2019 will be held from Monday, July 1st to Saturday, November 30th, 2019!
During the period, we will intensively send out the attractiveness of arts and culture of the Shinjuku City.

The Shinjuku City will be filled with arts and cultural events during 5 months of the period as if the whole city is one large museum.
Please enjoy the city of Shinjuku.